Apr. 11, 2016

Women and their handbags

One day I gave myself time to observe women in a busy street. One thing that struck me was that every lady who passed by, was carrying a handbag. The handbags vary in size. Whether they carry the same contents or almost the same, as long as one had a handbag. Everyone carried a different handbag. The most common color though was black. There's this belief that black color blends with almost every color of clothing. I'm not sure what you think but this is what I've heard and observed. 

Handbags are made out of different materials. Some are made out of leather, fabric and some would be leather look etc. At Tripleclicks store there are a variety of handbags to choose from. There are many E-Commerce stores within Tripleclicks with many types of handbags. Today I want you to have a look at the crocodile handbags sold by one store in Tripleclicks. They come as a set of 4 but in different sizes. They are shipped for free worldwide. I like the different sizes because I can choose which bag to carry for what occasion. At times I would just need to carry my phone and it doesn't need a big bag. The bags come in blue, black, burgundy and white colors. 

Click the link below to visit the store: 


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