Here comes mum

Jul. 30, 2016

A great sister and an awesome mum. Thank you for giving your all towards raising these great champions,  leaders of tomorrow. Thank you for guiding them in the paths they should walk in. I hope you will be able to tell us your pregnancy experiences for each of them. That's what I love to hear the most. God bless you Sicelo for being a great and strong mum.

May. 8, 2016

To all mothers out there, thank you for all the love you have shown to your children. Love may not be seen but the actions tell a great story. Thank you for enduring all you had to endure and producing the results by grace. May God continue to strengthen you. Enjoy your day. 

Feb. 24, 2016

The second pregnancy

The second pregnancy was different. I experienced hyperemesis gravidarum for almost seven months. It was worse the first five months. From six months at least I could tolerate one or two small meals a day and encounter problems later. The swelling of the legs came around the eighth month. At that time I had two episodes of false labor. My doctor got to know that I wasn't meeting my dietary demands. She had to be frank with me. She said if I have pre-term babies they would be very small because I wasn't eating. Also I would be admitted at a public hospital. That's the only place they could be nursed. The thought of the hospital caused me to make up my mind. From that day, I had to ignore the discomforts and started eating. By the time I got into labor, three weeks later, I had gained weight. My tummy wasn't too big to be suspected of carrying twins by the outside world. Pregnancies differ from person to person and from pregnancy to pregnancy. Some get big tummies, only to produce small babies, whilst some get smaller tummies to produce big babies. The twins labor was four hours then I had to go to theatre for a Caesarian section. The labor started off with breaking of waters and no pain. The water was just too much. First pregnancy I experienced pain first then had artificial breaking of waters. The leading twin had a footing presentation whilst the following had a cephalic presentation. The first twin weighed 2.6kg and the second 2.8kg, both boys. They were bigger than their sister at birth. Today they turned 11 years old. Glory to God. Happy birthday sons. You've made me a super mum.

Feb. 4, 2016

During the first pregnancy, I had hyperemesis gravidarum for the first 4 months. I felt so embarrassed and uncomfortable. It was difficult to socialize with other people. Going to work was a problem. I would vomit after meals, at the thought of food, at the smell of onions even early in the morning when I woke up. Mine was not morning sickness. I would rather call it all day sickness. I preferred eating dry food like roasted mealies and peanuts. After the troublesome 4 months period, I ate like a pig, oh my goodness! It was like a compensatory mechanism. I could have 6 slices of bread with fried eggs and baked beans for breakfast and lunch rice and half chicken. Imagine. At work it was known that I needed at least 15 more minutes to rest after lunch. I was well and fit, growing bigger and bigger. The swelling of legs began in the eighth month. At thirty six weeks I delivered a baby girl weighing 2, 5kg after five hours of labor.

Dec. 11, 2015

Getting pregnant can make one feel happy, confused, nervous or have mixed feelings because you don't know what to expect especially with the first pregnancy. All pregnancies have their own experiences which are unique and special. Other people especially those close to you, will be telling you their experiences which may make you wonder if you will ever be able to handle them. You may combine all the experiences and come up with a conclusion of a horrible experience. Some though, like your mother or mother figure close to you, they will be comforting you so that the journey becomes a pleasant one as they don't want to see you depressed.
I became a nurse before becoming a mother. I would attend to women coming to the antenatal care clinic. Some would present with no complaints at all and some with numerous complaints. The complaints would range from easily getting tired, abdominal cramps, abdominal discomfort, dizziness, loss of appetite, frequency of urination, heartburn, spitting too much saliva, nausea and vomiting especially in the first trimester. Normally those in third trimester would have grown big and their lower limbs would be swollen. How I preferred to be like the first lot without complaints. Some would say that they weren't even aware they were pregnant because they didn't see nor feel any changes. I'm not really sure about that since changes will be taking place in the body. I would be delighted if you share your own experiences.
Dislike of some foods and addiction to some is very common. You can even have cravings of fruits which are not in season. It's quite a journey. At times you may begin to eat food you have never eaten before, food you never liked. It seems the sense of smell really becomes sharper to some in pregnancy. They are put off by strong scents or flavors especially from perfumes. Pimples and a big nose are also common. Don't worry about it. It's only a phase.